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I'm now at the last boss (I think) and I just look forward to being done with the game. The game had a couple of decent moments but talk about copy & paste. The climbing through gaps gets old (though I'm sure this is used for loading the areas), the slide sections get old, the maps aside from the very first stage and this final stage were so dull. The enemies aside from the storm troopers are boring. The story and the timeline its set in are decent and the voice cast do a great job. Whilst the MC is no Nathan Drake in terms of charisma, he's still very likable, especially when bantering with BD-1.


If I could turn back the clock I wish I had looked more into the game and would have held off from buying it. Its by no means the worst game ever and its not even a bad game... it's just extremely dull due to the copy & paste feel to every map. Not looking forward to dredging through this ti grab the 100% completion. My advice to anyone considering this who's not a massive star wars fan, would be to either wait for an extremely cheap sale or if it goes to PS+, or if I could do... leave it well alone.  

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