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How to increase Stagger %?

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buff Tiffa with "unbridled strength" twice to upgrade her "whirling uppercut" (the triangle button attack) to  " rise and fall " for more stagger damage. getting 200  stagger damage is not that bad , you can get that done against any decent enemy or boss, now there is a trophy related for getting 300 % stagger damage , if you are going for it , the fat chocobo virtual fight in chapter 14 is a  good one to fight since it has a lot of HP. I hope this helps. 

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It's quite easy once you have the gist of it. Azthefuture summarised it pretty well it's all about Tifa's triangle attack being upgraded using her unbridled strength ability. The intel report only requires 200% but if you're going for the platinum you may as well go for 300% while you're at it. All you need is an enemy with a long stagger time which the Fat Chocobo VR fight is perfect for since you can access it from many chapters. Adjust the difficulty to suit where you are in the story, easy if you're a low level or normal if you're a high level. I personally did it at max level on easy but i literally got it in the last hit before he died so it's risky.

I know it sounds confusing to read in text but it's not as crazy as it sounds. I threw together a quick video guide on hitting 300% this morning if it's any help:



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It's explained on the guide in PSNProfiles. If you click at any trophy from the FF7 Remake list here you'll see all the details on how to obtain it.

Regardless, I copy paste it here for you, but know that all information should be available there:


To do this, the easiest boss is the Fat Chocobo in Normal/Hard for it to have enough HP to survive (seriously, don't try on easy or it will die on you) in Chadley's VR Missions. To increase an enemy's stagger %, you can 1) use Tifa's Triangle abilities, 2) use Tifa's True Strike ability (see  Silver Weapons Expert to know how to obtain it) and Aerith's Ray of Judgement (also see  Silver Weapons Expert to know how to obtain it).

Before the enemy is staggered, 1) use Unbridled Strength twice to charge Tifa's Triangle Omnistrike and then to Rise and Fall to prepare it for when it enters stagger mode and charge 2 ATB bars, and 2) prepare Aerith's Ray of Judgement, so have 2 ATB bars.

Simply make the Fat Chocobo enter stagger mode, use Rise and Fall (+30% stagger damage), use ally commands L2 / R2 to make Aerith use Ray of Judgement (+20% stagger damage) and keep hitting the Fat Chocobo with Tifa's Square attack to charge the ATB gauge and use True Strike (+30% stagger damage) 3 times.

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The way I did it (as others suggested, vs fat chocobo and with Tifa's unbridled strength and Triangle activities: 


1) Execute Unbridled strength twice, when close (but not immediately before) to staggering the boss. 

2) Charge two more ATB gauges. 

3) Stagger the boss, then use "Rise and Fall" (20% stagger damage added) and then Omnistrike (25% added), which brings the boss to 205%. 

4) execute unbridled strentgh -> omnistrike two more times using the saved ATB charges (boss now at 255% stagger damage multiplier). 

5) attack the boss normally until you charge a bar, immediately use unbridled strength and omnistrike. repeat this one more time - boss at 305%, trophy pops. 


the stagger is definitely long enough time to do all of this.  

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Just got this Trophy, took me like 3 tries, 1st time I messed up, 2nd time I got to 295% and Fat Chocobo bit the dust, did it a 3rd time and I got 300% exactly and he recovered from stagger, so I barely did it. I was on Level 36 with Cloud, Barret & Tifa, in Chapter 16 on Normal. 

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