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Sweaty Palms - 5mil Value


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Hospital Value is affected by money, assets, expected future neat income and debts. Money is simply how much cash you have, assets are rooms and stuff, expected future income is a parameter that could be positive if hospital is covering costs and making profit, debts is 0 if you have no loans to give back. Sum all of this and you have HV (it refresh at 1st of every month).

Putting it simple: hospital must be profitable, you need to stack up money and HV will rise. How? You can ask for more money from patients if you have a good reputation (risky way because loss of reputation and some angry patients that will not pay) or pay less your staff (they'll be angry and sad but you can balance that with beautiful rooms to keep them happy); obviously you must run a good hospital capable of treating almost everyone (few or none deaths, goner for long queues, health depleted).

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Keep you patients happy (good heat, drinks and food machines, and magazine stands), set your GP price to -80%, that will boost your patients happiness before going to treatment rooms. 

Set all treatment rooms' prices to 100% 


An angry patient is not going to pay, but a happy one is going to pay for sure. 

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I am closing in on getting the third star on this tough level here are some of the big pointers I can give, some already have been said but here is everything on one spot. I know this is a lot for one mission but I hope it helps, this one can be annoying!



--- I built a marketing department ASAP and started a campaign to bring in Pharmacy patients. I would just keep spamming Pharmacy campaigns one after another.



--- I trained all my nurses to be more efficient in the Pharmacy and increased all of their treatment via training as well. I built 3 Pharmacies and upgraded them all to level 3. A 4th one won't hurt if you want.

--- I trained 3 doctors up to 5 psychiatry and the rest all in GP.

--- Trained janitors up to 4 in their repair skill, you can do 5 if you want but I noticed you don't really need it and will have to pay them more salary.

--- I only had 3 reception desks with 3 assistants for them and 1 assistant dedicated to marketing, trained up to marketing 3.



--- I DID NOT build every room. I built 7 general practice rooms, 3 pharmacies, 3 psychiatric rooms, 2 general diagnosis rooms, 1 ward, 1 fracture ward, 1 clown clinic & 1 mummy room (forgot name hehe)... oh and a staff room, research and marketing rooms of course.

--- As you can see my doctors only had two places to go, GP offices & psychiatry.



--- I only ended up purchasing 2 extra expansions for the hospital so 3 buildings TOTAL. You want to build up a lot of money before you open an expansion because the patients will easily overwhelm you if you start expanding fast and without some money saved up. Expand slow, it does take a long time to beat this mission but you gotta do what you gotta do.



--- You will need to pause the game as soon as you get the notification that a disaster is about to happen. Move all of your janitors to rooms so they will be ready to repair the equipment as soon as you unpause.

--- I was running into an annoying problem when the magma balls would drop in the hospital. My janitors would stop repairing and try to go put the fires out and the nurses would jump back into the room and try to catch all the equipment on fire. I had to CLOSE THE ROOM several times to save the equipment. Just click on a room and move over to the right and click "close" to shut the room down and kick everyone out. It will slow your money flow down but saves you a ton of trouble. Once the equipment is repaired just open it back up.

--- Sometimes a magma ball will land under equipment. Just pick the equipment up and place it back down and the magma will move so the janitors and get to it and clean it up.



--- Set prices for your GP office at -80% so patients are only paying $100. This will make them very happy! The key to this mission to to keep your patients happy and this is the best way to do that I found. I would then go to the prices for all pharmacy prices and move them up to +100%. That should start netting you some big money. I wasn't able to jack up all the prices on every room right away, you have to wait until the patients all get very happy. Once they do I moved the prices up on every room I had and the money just starts to flow in. Every once in a while people will refuse to pay but it will be relatively rare.



--- If you are still having money problems go to a previous hospital and research the $45K project and get it all the way up until it is just about to finish and go back to Sweaty Palms to finish it and get a quick $45K. You can do this as many times as you wish, but it is boring and time consuming loading in and out of hospitals. BUT if you are desperate for money and you have all the other objectives checked off, this should work to push you over that 5 Million mark!



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