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Don't fear the glitch!


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Finished the game some hours ago. Yes, trophies are glitchy... For real... Still, careful planning does the trick. I'm planning on writing a guide so those who seek 100% completion can enjoy this awesome game without fear! xD

What I did, I played it first on an alternative account so as to prepare the roadmap taking glitchy trophies behaviour into account, then I went for a completion speedrun on my main.

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Do not fear the glitch... but fear the collectible Card 48!  What new players will not see when watching 'Let's Play' videos (or any gameplay video for that matter) is the post-game 'free roam'.  Going for the collectible cards clean-up can be brutal and unforgiving.  This was the hardest part in the game for me because of the lack of save-points and checkpoints.  Exiting and re-entering the room will respawn the enemies and put back the barriers.  


The very last card is the ultimate troll.  The run has got to be perfect especially with that 'dust raft' (or whatever that thing is called) disappearing every time it gets snagged.  No other choice but to restart from the last checkpoint, which is usually at the entrance of the level.   The second to the last room with the rolling spiked logs will see a lot of casual folks struggle to get through it. 


Let us not sugar coat this game just because it was a bit of fun.  The truth is, this game is HIGHLY SKILLED DEPENDENT especially in this last part.  So to those contemplating on playing this game, think hard. 

  • The game has a weird and tedious way to earn the trophies (close the game and reload after earning one).
  • It has no platinum.
  • There are parts where we can get stuck (getting the switches) and the only way around it is to restart from checkpoint (that is if we recently had made one).
  • There are a few levels that seems to have been left unfinished, going back to 8-bit rendering.

Honestly I would not recommend this game to those that want a stress-free 100%, even if the devs paid me to do it.  It is true that 95% of what transpires in the game is very easy.  It is just the remaining 5% is what will make us lose our minds.


But if we really want to play this game and retro Zelda games are our thing, then by all means go for it.  Just use the video walkthrough in the guide.  It is the best one out there, guaranteed to get all trophies in one playthrough.


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If not for the guide and the walkthrough, this game would have been a chore.
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