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Only the first 2 Levels are free.


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I downloaded the game a few weeks ago because it was Free2Play, before it was gone in the store soon after Release. Now I saw the Trophy List and downloaded it from my library again, but you have to buy the game if you want collect Trophies. Only the first 2 Levels are free, the game costs 5,99 Euro here.

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9 minutes ago, wltrsjcwvita said:

What I want to know is, what's so special about expert mode that 10 levels is supposedly easier than 4 or 10 in beginner mode, considering its a bronze trophy instead of a gold.

This happens in a lot of games for reasons I'll never understand, e.x. in Destiny 2 there are a few gold trophies that now autopop depending on what character you create when you first start the game, but arguably the most time consuming trophy is only bronze :P.

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