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So I just started the whole kifflom mission (Seeking the Truth) and after I got dumped off in the desert i'm supposed to receive an email telling me to donate $500.  After a couple minutes, I didnt get the email so I just went to their website and donated the money.  Now I'm waiting for the icon to appear on my map but there's nothing (yes, I have gone to sleep and saved the game a few times).  Did I do something wrong?

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Well that's odd. You should've received the email almost instantly after the cutscene.

Have you tried loading a previous save and trying again?

How many times did you sleep/save? (4 saves = 24 game hours in game, just in case you weren't sure/didn't know.)


Also, it may be a long shot, but try switching characters for awhile if you haven't - this seemed to make mine work when the symbol otherwise didn't show up.


Sorry it's not working out for you, hopefully it'll pop up. Wish I could offer you more support.

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Well this trophy is glitched for me, after delivering all those 5 vehicles, i should get an icon for a mission, but i didn't, i went to sleep for more than 20 times! I also tried restarting the game... Is there a way to fix this?


I have the same issue, I saw somewhere else that Rockstar are looking into it and it will be fixed. I'll try and find the source for you.

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