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Speed Run time for God of War HD?


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This game is killing me! I like to get all my games to rank A on the profile page but I'm still at B with God of War and have two gold trophies remaining. So I can't do Challenge of the Gods AT ALL. That is out of the question. I'm only hoping that a speedrun will get me to A and then I can put this game to bed. Anyone know what percentage is needed to get to A rank? I wish this site would tell you how the ranks are calculated. Maybe it does somewhere...

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Took me 3.5 hours with no costumes, but thats only cause my disc, for some reason, wouldnt go past the sirens part. Got a new disc, and it wouldnt read the save file! Thought, ok, so maybe its because it was an essentials copy, and this one is normal, so I ordered an essentials copy off Amazon, and it STILL wouldnt read the file! So I had to start from scratch ><

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