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The "Closed Casket" trophy


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5 hours ago, MLGBIackbeard said:

I was wondering if this trophy was glitched. I counted the 50 Brutal Takedowns myself, and that bad boy did not pop. Frankly, it's starting to grind my gears. If this trophy was glitched for you, how did you go about to actually getting it?


It glitched for me too, and i couldnt get it through my whole playthrought.

I got it in my second playthrought, and im not sure when or why does the trophy glitch.

It could be the same like the No loose ends trophy, so to be sure, just try to get 50 B takedowns in one siting.

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6 hours ago, ImStylinOnYaBro said:

Stats reset if you turn the game off or it crashes. All must be done in a single play

Yeah, I read your previous post on the Mafia 3 forum, and performed 50 Brutal Takedowns in one sitting, and it still did not pop. I'm going to try deleting all the save data on this game, and start fresh. Maybe this should help.

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  • 2 years later...

If you do this, make sure you have ORIGINAL ARMY costume. As soon as I changed back and conduct 1 take down, it pops up.

Did not delete profile.

I read a person who got the 1 take down after the 2nd play through, and I believe that is due to the costume changes back.

I can not guarantee 100%, but this is likely it and how I got it.





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If starting from scratch, I would very much recommend using the method posted in one of the other threads to revert to patch 1.09 and then play offline until you plat the game.


That's what I did and every single trophy has unlocked as expected without having to worry about the game crashing which would reset your stats on most other patches. You can close the game or turn off your console as much as you want.



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