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StarWars Battlefront II XP Level 50 advice...


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I'm looking to go back and obtain the last trophy needed for the platinum "The force is strong with this one" (Reach level 50) I have been needing this for quite some time now but the xp grind just demotivated me.


Does anyone know what modes hands out the best XP? I've also heard that they have implemented a triple xp every Wednesday could anyone clarify this for me before I re download the game?


thanks in advance 

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1 hour ago, Willstown said:

Wednesday is triple and weekends double XP.  It makes the grind much easier.  I used quickplay to just smash out the remaining levels I needed.


1 hour ago, SlimSanta94 said:

Co-op is by far the fastest mode to level up in. When I grinded for xp I went from level 39-50 in around 6 hours while triple XP was active.


59 minutes ago, Bluefalcon2210 said:

Co-op today is your fastest way because it offers the most exp and every wednesday is triple exp

Thanks appreciate the help! 

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