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No one has this trophy yet


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One of the games I play, Boundless, released an update today that fixed a bug preventing one of the trophies from being achieved. I just got the trophy after getting the update. I synced my trophies on PS4 and my profile here on PSN Profiles and the trophy still says “no one has this trophy yet”.

Does it take more time for it to update the leaderboard? Is it possible this trophy was flagged as bugged and so it needs to be corrected?



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On 4/6/2022 at 8:24 AM, IntroPhenom said:


Any opinion on why no one has yet to plat this game?

Ya, it’s because there are three unobtainable trophies. Having played thousands of hours in the game and consulted with others who have played even more hours, then having written the guide for the game on here, and checking with the developers, there are just three trophies that are impossible mainly due to missing content. It’s really unfortunate. I still check in now and then to see if they’ve implemented the missing content or otherwise released an update to make these three trophies possible. So far they haven’t but it sounds like they’re working on an update. Could be something there that fixes it. 

On 7/11/2022 at 0:44 AM, Lord_Bane999 said:

Wondering this as well. Look like only one trophy is needed, guide showing 900 hours completion  so guessing maybe terrible RNG for it?

It isn’t RNG that’s blocking the platinum. There are a few unobtainable trophies. The 900 hours also isn’t because of RNG, if you read the guide it’s because of just the sheer volume of grindy content you have to do for even just 1 of the trophies. 

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