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I was under the impression that I would get to keep all my items and skills going into NG+ like LITERALLY every other game ever, but this was not the case. I still had yet to find all the eggs and steal 5 consoles before I going into NG+. So now I have to relevel and get all those skill points back to buy all the shit needed to break into those Rich houses to find said eggs. Make sure you find all that shit BEFORE heading into NG+ so you don't end up like me and have to basically replay the whole game to steal them all over, fml. 

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32 minutes ago, Ziune said:

I'm pretty sure what we're seeing is that they didn't actually 'fix' NG+, they just made it so that the trophy pops if you click the "Start NG+" button

Yeah well once people starting getting refunds I guess it scared them alittle bit lol. Either way I'm cool with it since I dont think I'd want to play this through twice anyways. 

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