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Best way to level?


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  • 2 weeks later...

Would agree, I disliked grinding in this game... 


I have just finished the events in Lani and I am currently grinding on Dragonrock Valley (cannot explore the entire area atm)


Currently using...

Culter - Angler Lv. 5 - Suppression and Energy Overload Carmina

Windie - Wind Sylph - Prepared for Battle and Forbidden Aggression Carmina

Flaire - Fire Sylph - One-time Miracle and Wings of the Undying Carmina

Aira - Diviner Lv 5 - Erratic Aggression and Shimmering Reflexes Carmina. Equipped with -30% Speed to make sure to be the last character to attack.


I pretty much use

Culter - Big Haul in multiple enemies, Bigwig while fighting huge Dragon

Windie - Tornado on multiple enemies, Wind Shield while fighting huge Dragon

Flaire - Flame Dance *shrug*

Aira - Meet the Death. Anticipation when in need of healing *shrug*


Pretty sure not the most efficient one but I am getting around 10k+ EXP per battle... I just used the Sylphs for the free Initial 10 SP and have AOE DPS in each Human...


Made some progress in the story until I can ride the Dragon(basically the airship in the game), made some test:

Inside Dungeon n Lani could give 7k-20k EXP every battle.

Grave of the Heroes could give 7k-30k EXP every battle.

Dragonrock Valley could give no less than 10k but less than 20k EXP per battle.

I might stick with Dragonrock since i could end the battle 1 turn with my setup and the mobs in Lani has faster griffins that could flinch and it take me 2 turns to end battle in Grave of the Heroes if there are more than 1 golem.

Luckily, I am able to defeat all the Subdue Mobs with my setup.


NGL, pretty tempted to get the Add-ons for easier life(and saves more time) in Tower of Rao.


well... time to binge some series.

Edit1: Off topic but wrapped up The Boys. is there going to be a Season 3? xD

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17 hours ago, JaM said:

NGL, pretty tempted to get the Add-ons for easier life(and saves more time) in Tower of Rao.


I'll fully admit I did get the experience one.  You definitely need your level in the 90s for the damage trophy and the experience boost does help a lot in the Tower of Rao, but towards the end of the game XP gain is still pretty slow even with that.  My advice would be to actually find an overworld area with decent XP gains.  The reason why I say this is that stupidly powerful monster that shows up every few battles on the overworld gives a ton of experience when defeated and each time it's defeated, its level increases until it gets to around level 80 or 90 or so.  On top of that it doesn't matter how many times you defeat it, it will keep showing up.  It's considered a boss, so it will net the most experience of any repeatable encounter in the game.  If you hang out in an overworld area near the final boss you'll also still get decent XP for the encounters between those.  Overall that is the fastest method to gain XP that I found.

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I gave in to temptation and bought the damage X2 and X3 Experience and managed to clear Tower of Rao. Still felt that I needed to grind due to spongy mobs and horrible RNG won't give me the monsters I used in my party. Also, is it just me or there is a limit with battle encounters in Tower of Rao? I stopped getting encounters in later floors after around 20 battles.

This might be pretty offtopic but for 100k damage, I managed to do it with Carbuncle(optional?), Aira with Inventor as job and Bahamutina with this setup.

I went to Starting Forest(Leaf Village, area behind Aria's house), and when the battle starts, I had all party member defends for 3-4 turns until Bahamutina have 80ish SP. Then I used Aria's Activation System, Carbuncle used Sword & Guardian(optional?) and Bahamutina used Dragon's Crescent. Then on next turn have Bahamutina used Dragon's Judgement. I got up to 100k exactly with it. I had Carbuncle cause I really dunno if the boosts stack on this game or it just extended the effect, placebo effect? *shrug* Also, am I blind? or there is no skill in the game that gives debuffs on enemies without damaging them?


And with that, I am done trophy wise in the game, strange that I don't even need to finish the game for the platinum..oh well, I guess I'll see if the ending is satisfying.

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So, long time no contact. I just came back to this yesterday, and...thanks for the tips! I'm not done yet, but it's only a matter of time.


Just to clarify for other that might ask:


  • Leveling is annoying, but it's not terribly slow. I went from level 55 to level 72 in about 1.5-2 hours yesterday, and that included cleaning up a few subjugation missions. 
  • Try to get Bahamutina as soon as possible. Although you fight her at level 66, she joins your party at level 55, which is a bunch of bullshit.
  • The party given by @JaM above is quite efficient. I would only mention that if you re-visit the Diviner when you reach level 5, he'll make you into an Oracle, The Oracle has an even better "attack all" ability than the Diviner
  • The Grave of Heroes is probably the best for early leveling, although the hyperions in the field will be better for the higher level stuff. You'll probably need to get Bahamutina to at least level 80-90 without purchasing premium stuff. 
  • The ghost ship is surprising good for leveling as well. It's better than Dragonrock, as there are no single enemy encounters.
  • I haven't yet tried the Tower of Rao.
In any case, this is a pretty good game, but screw Hit-Point for this pointless grind.



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