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VR Games that don't need the Move Controllers?


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I'm getting rather curious now on what games don't need the Move Controllers to be about to use, only cause I don't have them myself, haven't gotten around to buying them xD


Now, I've of course played both Batman and The Room which didn't need those controllers.  I know Skyrim in VR doesn't need them (at least, I'd assume so, play the game like usual, just in VR, could be wrong though).


But not sure on what other games there are that I could play that doesn't need the Move Controllers to play.  I wish there was a way to search the VR games by Move use or controller us so to speak.  But I figured I could at least ask here to see who could give me some info, at least some examples, doesn't need to be whole lists :)

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Skyrim does indeed have regular controller support. There's also The Playroom, Resident Evil 7, Astrobot, Moss, Wipeout, Everybody's Golf (can use either scheme but the controller feels weird), Ace Combat 7, Tetris Effect, Statik and many more.

Hell, even Minecraft now has a VR mode. Move controllers would give you more options but there's plenty without them. Plus, they present their own problems *nurses hand that was smashed against the desk playing Gorn earlier*

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Ah, that's a nice list of examples for sure.  Cause I knew there were more, but man, trying to figure out which ones do and don't is annoying.  Cause I see games that look like fun, but then it's like "Move controller needed" and I'm like "Damnit it" xD


And yeah, I forgot Minecraft got a VR update, maybe I should try that sometime and see what it's like.  Cause don't get me wrong, I do want to get the Move controllers sometime, but their price is a bit annoying... but hey, maybe this week? I've not decided yet xD


But thanks for those examples, very much appreciated :D

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