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Constant Crashes

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50 minutes ago, IsOliveiras said:



A warning for people that are aware aware of that september patch 1.09 breaking the game, and thought they could play 1.0 version to get around it.


Turns out, 1.0 is just as buggy. I have been playing 1.0 for the past few days, and started having crashes right at the very end of the game, when a character enters a car and it drives off-screen and screen fades to black. I tried continuing several times, it crashes everytime in the same spot. I tried using chapter select, replayed the whole last chapter making different choices, it crashes just the same. I then continued from that second save a few times, (enduring several minutes of unskipable cutscenes) and it crashed again.

Reddit are full of reports of crashing, 2 years running of complaints, and when dev representatives get involved is just tell people to be patient or open a ticket to Bandai Namco, which gives us little hope (sorry) they care all that much: 




Seems that when press got on the case, they got off their consumer unfriendly asses:



As of today 14th December 2022, there is no patch beyond 1.09, but there was an update for Man of Medan, which gives us all a little hope for litlle hope (sorry).



I do no envy these community managers guys, but man, is this total BS... They keep repeating that it is impossible to revert a patch, as if this is a thing. If they wanted to push a patch that replaces the entire game with a previous version, they certainly could. I don't doubt there is a reason why they wouldn't do it, but whatever it is they just won't tell anyone. 



Thanks for providing.  Great news is that they are planning to fix Little Hope like they did Man of Medan (I am assuming the patch there worked and fixed the issues?).  I will definitely hold off from starting now.

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