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Someone sick is unknown to you. Will they die?


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I'm basically just going through the map at the moment and trying to get a handle on enemies attacks as I don't want to be sleeping that much especially as people get sick when you do. 

I've come across a woman called Enid Gillingham but she is Unknown, she has that sick logo at the bottom of her picture s I've been searching for her and can not find her. 

If I decided to play the game still and try finding her later could she die if I don't know the woman? 

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Enid Gillingham is located in the western docks district. This area will become available somewhere during chapter 3. Before that time you will and can not find her. 


She could die, but it would take several nights. You will cross the area she is living in as the story progresses before that certain amount of nights is reached (if you are playing conservatively). 

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People will never die from just sickness. The illnesses just lower district health and reduce the xp you get from them if you embrace while they are sick.


People only die if:

you embrace them,

you don't finish a citizen in distress investigation before sleeping,

you make a decision leading to their death,

you make a decision leading to them becoming a rabid skal and ignore them risking them killing someone else when you sleep,

the district health lowers too much and reaches hostile status thus killing everyone still alive in the district.

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