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Dedsec delivery trophy not popping


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I'm not sure this makes any difference but when I went for the trophy I was disconnected from the Ubisoft services for whatever reason (even though I have a stable internet connection). 

I think I got the trophy before the 20th delivery. 


Maybe disconnect from the internet, so that you're also disconnected from the Ubisoft services and try it that way? Or if there's a way to manually disconnect from Ubi services, do that and try again. 

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I just unlocked this trophy. Didn't face any glitch. This is what I did before starting my deliveries. 


1. Recruit a new operative who has fast hacking and Anti-Chase perks (useful to distract cops/and immune from chase drones)

2. switch to the new character and start the first delivery. 

3. After delivering the package, don't start the delivery form the same spot where you delivered. 

4. Go to a nearby different Parcel Fox location and start the next delivery. 


This helped me to get my dedsec delivery trophy without any glitches 


FYI : I did not complete all the states defiant. 

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I also had a glitchy time with this.  Something I found with this and other trophies which didn't pop is to exit to main screen and then continue.  This seemed to pop trophies which should have popped at the time.  Soon as I did that and started doing deliveries, I got the rest I needed.

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having this exact same issue right now, remember doing 19 with the exact same character i'm using now last year just incase i ever came back to it and now that i have the counter for ubisoft connect says 8 even after doing at least 25 at this point


edit: don't know how much the counter matters because it's on 10 now but the trophy has just popped an hour later after doing a few offline reconnecting and then completing 1 or 2 more. glad that's over 

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