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Number of Wings and Mounts?


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Just to update this, there's 19 Wings. Here's the list and how to obtain them:


Lieutenant -> Rare Boss on the Map:

1. Hound of the Underworld (Intricate Wings)
2. Daidalo's Minotaur (Forge Metal Wings)
3. Lieutenant Brontes (Ravishing Wings)
4. Lieutenant Briareos (Wings of Moonlight Revels)
5. Lieutenant Gyges (Tempestuous Wings of Zeus)
6. Clanking Automaton (Smoldering Wings of Zeus)
7. Lieutenant Aello (Wings of the Revels)
8. Lieutenant of Hybrids (Beauty's Wings)
9. Quest (Broken Wings)
10. ? (Sharp-Fire Wings)
11. ? (Spark of Genius Wings)
12. ? (Wings of Daidalos)
13. ? (Wings of Dawnlight Revels)
14. ? (Wings of Vanity)
15. ? (Wings of Zeus)
16. ? (Wings of the Dreadful)
17. ? (Wings of the Hideous)
18. ? (Wings of the Monstrous)
19. ? (Wings of Ikaros)


I will update again when i find the number of mounts and Phoenix skins.

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