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Any grinding methods?

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My method for fast xp (and level up cash)


1) Make new Championship with 6 x easy 10s oval track (press L1 once to find it, it's first)

2) Set all things easiest, but quali + race

3) Start quali, do one lap, better than 11.89s

4) Return to pit

5) End session

6) Keep pressing X so it goes fast

7) Race starts, give up from menu as soon as you can

8) Keep pressing X 

9) Now you are running another quali, repeat until 6th quali

10) Right after getting xp, close game

11) Start game again and make new Championship


This may sound complicated, but it's not at all. Only boring.


Game is bugging or something, so every loading race takes longer and longer. For me 6th race still starts quite fast. 7th takes forever. That's why it's necessary to quit game after every 6 qualis. This will give you 32500 xp / one quali lap. Faster xp than Time Attack, and no need to drive that nauseating short track much. Xp will be almost as much as video above, I guess, but it's way easier. At least for me. And the xp shown in the screen when it gives it is bugged as well. Right after that opens loading screen. Wipe left to see correct xp / money. When you are in this loading screen it's safe to close game. This still takes quite long and is annoying, but easier than driving when tired.

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