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DLC Cases from the start


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So I got the Complete Edition of LA Noire as looking to 100% the game with the DLC cases. However, the game wouldn't work because of something to do with the data utility. Having deleted that, the game now works but I have to start from the beginning. I just want to play the DLC cases; so does anyone know how far I have to play into the game to get to them? Do I have to complete the game again before they unlock, or can I play each of them earlier?



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24 minutes ago, BGriff1986 said:

The DLC cases are each tied to specific desk, so you’ll need to play through quite a bit of the game to access them all

Just to add to this, the last DLC case is Nicholson Electroplating which is on the Arson desk which I’m pretty sure is the last desk so yeah you’ll need to play through them all unfortunately 

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I've since found LA Noire data on my PS3 which should be my full save. If I restored this (LA Noire normal disc) will it appear on the Complete disc, or are they treated as two separate games?


Edit: have looked this up and I can't restore my old save. Damnit.

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On 4/4/2021 at 11:08 PM, Mr_Schmou said:

You can access the DLC Cases direktly from the Cases folder in the main menue. You don´t need to clear the Game again to finish them.

I just started the Complete Edition with no save data and the only options from the main menu are NEW and BONUS.

Where do you access the DLCs from? Maybe I need to download something from the PS Store?

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