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PS4 Question.....


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I understand that the PS4 is not backwards compatible and will not play disc games but my question is about the downloaded games. Would we be able to play all the PS3 downloadable games? All the free PS3 games that we got with our PLUS membership and the games that we purchased for the PS3. I would hate to lose all of them if I update my system to the PS4.

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Personally i think its a business stratigy, as if it was backwords compatible what is to stop people from buying the ps3 verson of the game and playing it on the ps4.


Just like the new Assassins Creed, currently on sale for about £25 on xbox and ps3 but about £50 for it on ps4 and xbox one.


I think it is rather sad that there is no backwards compatibility as i would rather have the 1 system for my gaming, however i dont think it would really bother me about switching back and forth on the console as apposed the limited room on my tv stand :(

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