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Top Squad Wildcard Guide update

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I was wondering if it is possible to update the Trophy guide in the "Top Squad Wildcard" section.


from the guide


As for the 10 squad member bonus points....no-one knows what this means. You should just continue to play and hope it pops. Make sure you have been the top squad on every map then just keep playing.


Here is the correct explanation of the requirements


1.       Be the Top Squad on every map.

2.       Get 10 Squad Member Bonus points in a round.


To get the 10 Squad member bonus points you must be an Avenger or Savior to a squad member two times in a round. Each Savior/Avenger kill is worth 5 bonus points for each instance.

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Thanks for tagging me. I'll add this to the guide today. 

EDIT: added it, describing what is needed for the 10 points and i've added a list of all of the maps in the game alongside which mode(s) they are found on.


A lot of these awards are buggy/don't even have the correct requirements in game so I do rely on community feedback for some of them, so thank you for posting this. 

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