Days of Play Sale - Starts May 26th

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11 hours ago, GUDGER666 said:

Death Standing and GT Sport not on sale, June PS Now maybe. 

I’m thinking the same thing, too strange for them to not be part of the sale 


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So... the main website is just completely broken?

On Firefox the digital buttons link to: javascript:void(0); (aka nothing)

and on Edge they just don't open anything.


For some games e.g. Spider-Man Miles Morales Digital Deluxe Edition, they just link to the normal page. Man, I wish I could work as a web developer for Sony, because clearly I'd get paid for doing horrible work, clock in for two hours a week and get paid a great salary.


Didn't see any good deals (I'm not saying there are none, just none that interest me). The website for the community rewards is poorly made, there's the links for the Camera and Back Button attachment and once again, they're broken links. They have no actual sales on hardware (from what I can see, I mean, hey, most of the links are broken so its difficult to tell) and then there's a chance to be featured on the PS Blog if you're a photo mode type of person.

Wow. What a bummer.


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@GUDGER666 @Sailar91


I just bought AC Valhalla and TLoU2 on my local retailer's website and confirmed that the physical version of Death Stranding is indeed at 19,90€ as part of the Days of Play sale.


But, can it just be the case that they're saving it for the second week of the sale on the digital store?



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