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New Game+ and Return Policy

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Hello, I completed the game with 100% everything except the 2 NG+ weapons. I go from my save and make Challenge mode and After the Intro and 30 Minutes everything is still on zero. How do you do that? Second Question: I can’t get that Return Policy I return like 3 hours shots to the enemys. Everyone else has these 2 problems or one of them? Best game and best graphic by far but this is now ridiculous i am 30 Minutes far from platinum and cannot get that ???

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Spent about an hour on this damn trophy.


Pro tip: Do not upgrade Void Reactor with raritanium. It makes the shield way too powerful and it will kill enemies even from great distance before the bullets reach them.


I farmed the kills in the very first bronze arena fight in wave 2.

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OK it was really weird. Yes I fully upgraded the Weapon this morning the trophie comes finaly. With my new game+ it was really weird. When i start the NG+ with 60 fps RT i doesnt have my upgrades. When i start it in 30fps and change it in the game i have everything. Sorry for this thread but that shield trophie drove me crazy. Its a fantastic game the best looking i ever played and i will definitly start another one just to use the Photo Mode :D

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