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Classic Game Room Is Leaving YouTube


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No need for YouTube anymore. I've been watching the show back when it was Dave and Mark and it was called "The Game Room" in the late '90's so you can be damn sure I'll be watching his show on his website. I've actually been a member of www.classicgameroom.com for years now so it looks like I'll be going to his website a lot more often now. 


Classic Game Room will live on and I urge everyone who loves CGR like I do to sign up on his website and show our support. 




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I have a feeling that many will leave youtube except those that need it for a job. It sounds like those jobs are going to be a lot more frustrating.

If it gets too frustrating - they'll just go to Twitch. Twitch offers a partnership deal as well - and they haven't had the same problems over there.

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I would like to say this, though: There's one thing people really need to realize about this situation.


Content ID matches aren't the same thing as a copyright strike/takedown notice. The Content ID system is automated. It's basically flagging all of these videos due to whatever items the companies put into their database.


IE: If, say, Nintendo had audio from The Legend of Zelda as something to be detected - any video that it found with that audio in it would be flagged. There's no one sitting at a desk going "OH HEY, THAT VIDEO HAS COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL, BETTER FLAG IT."


Adam Sessler's most recent "Address the Sess" covers this fairly well, he, TotalBiscuit, itmeJP, FarFromSubtle and Fork Parker as well as Stephanie Schopp [PR for Deep Silver], and Nigel Lowrie [Dev at Devolver Digital] have a great conversation about this issue - it's about an hour and a half long, but it's well worth watching.

This system really needs to be reworked.

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