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Getting Meg's Companion


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Ive pretty much done everything else I can do except max out all keepsakes. I still cant get meg to show up in my room. I gifted her all the nectar I can, I've fought each fury multiple times. Im on escape 109 or something and meg still wont go into my room to trigger me giving her ambrosia. Is there anything I can do to get her to spawn in my room or do anything that will increase my chances? Should I keep dying in the first room? any help would be appreciated. 

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Make sure you upgrade your relationship with Nyx.  A lot of my quests started progressing when I just started advancing relationships with other NPC's.  I'm pretty sure Nyx is the one that triggered Meg's progress.  But if that doesn't work, then just start incrementing relationship with other people, you'll need most of them.

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After completing Harsh Conditions prophecy, I have kept some level of Extreme Measures Heat condition on for all subsequent runs. I think defeating the Fury sisters together enough times got Magaera to have conversation where she talks about having less work pressure since the sisters are involved in those fights. She also had some talks with Nyx that I got to listen in on along the way, so maybe improving my relationship with Nyx helped part of it.


The part I remember is seeing new journal text unlock when beat Fury Sisters (the murder one, with all 3 there) and then next time at base, and she was in the bedroom talking about having less work pressure because sisters are there to take the beating with her. That unlocked option to be able to give her ambrosia next time I saw her in the lounge.

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