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Game Breaking Bugs


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Has anyone else come across this game breaking glitch where it won't let you continue your campaign save? I just get a never ending loading screen. Also, the menu options don't work. It won't allow me to connect to the online servers, I can't add a second chef using a second controller, and I can't change my player chef either. Also, it won't allow me to use the split controller option.

This games menu options for choosing a chef with either split controller or multiple controllers is always buggy, but now I seem to not be able to do anything in this game.

Any ideas?

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18 minutes ago, Sten_dardo said:

I have the exact same issues since an hour ago. Could play earlier today without any problems. 

I tried reinstalling and playing on a new save but both didn’t help. 

My guess is they released an update and it broke the game. 

I just tried the game on my other account and it wouldn't even start either. It seems to be something server wise, as when I tried disconnecting from the internet my game would now load. If you're still having problems, try doing that and it should fix the issue.

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Just now, sephiroth4424 said:

Which patch broke the game? I'm about to start the ps4 version

I don't think it was a patch, I think their servers are just acting up big time causing this problem. Disconnecting from the internet and then reconnecting once already in the game seemed to have fixed it for me

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