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I just want to confirm

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4 minutes ago, Piter-48 said:

Well I have Season Pass disc with this game and I had to download the episodes. So I wouldn't say they contain everything. In this case, disc contains only episode 1 and access to download other episodes. 

That's what I meant when I said they contain everything - you just need access to the in-game store in the relevant region to download whatever isn't on the disc :). TFTB and the TWAU are completely on the disc and GoT has everything except the final episode on the disc.

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On 29/10/2021 at 5:08 AM, Piter-48 said:

If you have disc version of this game you will be able to download all of the episodes. But the key thing is that you need to download them on appropriate account. I have US version of the game, so I had to create US PSN account.

Yes you need an US account to download the rest of the episodes by opening the game on US account and claim all the episodes 2 -5, and then you know what to do next ...

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