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Just a heads up that its impossible to get this trophy right now, it cannot be earned in splitscreen and online wont connect. 

ive emailed and tweeted the Devs with no luck! If you guys wanna help raise this with them that would be great…. Surely they cant launch a game with an unobtainable?

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They are aware of the issue.

I managed to get a code for the game about a week ago since someone I know on the team (at least the publishing side) was asking for help with the PS4/5 edition and wanted to test something.

As it happens it was multiplayer connectivity. He didn't outright say it, but knew from what I told him that multiplayer wasn't working and that he couldn't tell why since based on my settings and the settings of the other users the game should be allowing a connection.

Sucks that you can't earn the trophies in split screen since I was just coming here to ask if anyone knew if that worked, do private matches also not connect since that uses the invite system?

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