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Any future DLC trophies?


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13 minutes ago, gatsby132star said:

Wondering if anyone can confirm if there will be trophies added in the future from DLC expansions for this game. Cheers

From what I'm understanding they are just going to be releasing skins and map makeovers but nothing legitimately "new" because they are fully commiting to their next franchise (I think it's James bond) and hitman is going on ice again for awhile so it doesn't burn out it's life and welcome


But I could be wrong just remember reading something about it awhile back

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MrFreeze did a brief video about the announcement if you are looking for more info. Given there will be new maps, I'm guessing they will at least get new trophies like the 2 additional levels in H2 did. Also, it sounds like they are making Elusive Targets permanently available in some capacity so maybe that will get trophies now since it will no longer be time limited. 


I guess the Seven Deadly Sins were just Escalation Missions so it makes a little more sense that they had no trophies tied to them.


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