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Eye of the tiger trophy video


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In case anyone is wondering how to get it, take a  shotty (best upgraded for more damage) and go close and personal to zombies and shot them in the head. My trophy popped when jagger grabbed me for the 2nd time and I put shell in his head.


Edit: see post below



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12 hours ago, MikeCheck-- said:

Another method I found (may be better): 


Play on Survivor difficulty, let the Juggernaut grab you and when he lifts you up just unload a pistol into his head (you'll have to reload) you can easily get 20 headshots on one grab. 

Yep, you are right. This is the way to do it. I will edit post above

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On 1/23/2022 at 4:38 AM, MrTacoNinja said:

Out of curiousity is this yet again another VR shooter that requires other onlines players and an obnoxious grind to rinse it all down? I'm curious about this game but won't even bother with it if it's another "Firewall" type of trophy list. 


It's definitely not as bad as Firewall. It's an extremely fun game, really enjoyable gameplay loop and nothing else like this in VR, a must play IMO. You do not need IRL friends, slots are filled with AI. You will have to grind for the 53k kills however.


Nightmare difficulty will require other players but you can easily squad up with others in the lobby and it is cross play enabled. 

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On 1/24/2022 at 11:23 AM, MikeCheck-- said:

Nightmare difficulty will require other players but you can easily squad up with others in the lobby and it is cross play enabled. 

 Okay so it does require me to to rely on other people, something I have no patience for. I have to hope that others see it through and don't quit out. Hell, I have to hope to even get people. I have to ask around to try and get people to boost with me if all else fails. UGH. Why do they continue to push out trophy lists like this? Welp, looks like no After the Fall for me.

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Noone has gotten this trophy (eye of the tiger) since January, and the above methods haven't worked for me after many attempts. Is this trophy glitched?


Edit: support was pretty quick to answer me. It looks like the requirements have changed where as you now need to shoot AND KILL 20 different enemies in the head. This means the juggernaut trick will not work anymore. Here is the answer I got



Deborah Broadhead commented:


Hey Frank


Thanks for getting in touch with us about this


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble unlocking this achievement, there are some other things to keep in mind when trying to unlock it that may help:


The rules for it are as follows, you need 20 consecutive headshot kills (headshots that don’t kill don’t reset your counter but don’t progress is either), as far as I understand misses are shooting on limbs. non heads on an enemy, shooting on non enemy items (sprawl gates, ammo boxes, Sprawl pods).


AI really makes this significantly harder since they often kill the enemy just before you can headshot them causing a miss and a reset of your progression.


Hope this information helps you get the achievement now


Kind regards,


Vertigo Games Support

E [email protected]



Edit 2: just got it. Support was right. You have to kill the enemy for the counter to go up. However, you cannot miss a single shot at all. So even just hitting the environment resets the count. This is pretty tricky!



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