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Any way to self power level on PS5?

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So I was trying to get this Plat before the year was up and I need 5 of the 6 character specific trophies in the next 2 days. So I made one of each character, transferred their saves to my external in an attempt to then transfer them to my alternate account so I could use my main to power level them just enough to make their trophies easier to get (then I would transfer them back to my main account). However, your saves seem to be account locked...they don't even show up in the list on my alternate account to transfer them.


Unless I'm doing something wrong here. Is there another way to self power level on the same account (if you try logging in your second controller to the same account, it just switches controllers)...or should I just consider this a wash for the year, there's no way I'm getting these in the next 2 days legit. 

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Nope. Self Power levelling is impossible for all of the BL games if you have the PS4 or PS5 versions, due to how the respective consoles handle logins for different accounts on the same system. Unlike the PS3, I don't believe it's even remotely possible to legitimately move saves between accounts on the PS4 unless you hack them.


TL;DR version: Tough luck, you have to either level up normally or scrounge a match with a max level friend who is in Playthrough 2, then fight the Ancient Dragons over and over.

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