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Best Decks To Use To Make Platinum Easier To Reach


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1 hour ago, And98s said:

I made myself a Gravekeeper's deck as they are an archetype I enjoy playing and reached Platinum without big problems.

Is because he have only bad player of the game, Gravekeepers is fun but very very bad deck 


I just suggest play meta like tribrigade zoodiac is actually the best deck of this game according to the banlist and format

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I got it with the Hero Deck, It is a strong deck with multiple combos attacks which you can use if your opponent negates your build-up combo, but it requires some practice to understand how to mix and match your monsters effects. It is also not that demanding to build.

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28 minutes ago, SairoTaigar-Z said:

Use eldich deck, easy to learn and many opponents will surrenders as soon as they see it.


Also you do not need an extra deck and the staples of the deck will serve you in many other decks




This is what I used. Saw a video of a cheap version Eldlich deck. Copied it exactly and was able to reach platinum in a few days.

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