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(Ps now) platinum unobtainable?


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hi, i have done every single non dlc trophy on this game on ps now. obviously ps now has some issues such as lag etc. but this isnt the problem i was wondering if anyone here has done the story teller trophy where you have to go to 12 specific days of the year in real time to listen to calendar man in the courthouse. i have done this trophy on the ps4 version of the game and have the platinum. now, you obviously dont have wait for the days in real time and you can use the date and time settings on your console. i recently returned to this game and completed all the trophies on my ps5, and this is the final trophy that i need. it appears that when i switched the settings it didnt actually do it and it instead remained on the day i did at the time. is there any work around this trophy or do i have to actually wait in real time for this trophy to pop? it also seemed when i swapped to the days, beside the calendar next to him there was nothing on there and he just kept repeating the same voice lines. i also dont think being on a ps4 on ps now wouldnt really change anything. thanks

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4 minutes ago, johncnstntn__ said:

You are streaming a game from another console that would give away changing your own won't do anything. If there is a download option try that (haven't used ps now don't know).

No, you cannot download PS3 games through the streaming service. You’ll either need to wait for each unique holiday date or get a PS3 and change the date from there

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