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Performance is great so far


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Have to hand it to Polyphony Digital, they did a stellar job making this run so well on the PS4. The only draw back is slightly longer loading times but doesn’t seem obtuse given the age of the console.


Not dipped into online mode yet but having done a bunch of races, license tests and beating mates times (hehehe), everything ran just swell!

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2 hours ago, LastMinuteSavior said:

I already watched a PS5/PS4 comparison on loading times (5secs vs 40secs), but how does it work when restarting a race or a license test? How long does it take on the PS4?


It's somewhat instant. There isn't any loading screen but there is a maybe a half a second of black screen just like GT Sport

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Performance is great, UHD with PS4 Pro runs perfectly smooth and I still don't see any reason to go for a (not payable) PS5. I upgraded my PS4 with a 1TB Mushkin SSD and loading times are very short, PS5 might be a few seconds faster, but who cares. Put my original 1TB HDD in a USB 3.0 casing and connected it as expansion space to the PS4 for storing games I don't play atm. 


I can definitely recommend upgrading PS4 to an internal SSD - it's an effortable loading time boost. 

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