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Is this version worth it?


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Depends on how much you like the first game really. There's very little difference between PS3 and PS4, except the overall frame rate bump in the remaster.

Do you enjoy Dark Souls 1 enough to play through it again? If yes, then go for it. You don't have to finish both platform stacks back-to-back either. Can always come back to it whenever you crave some DS gameplay.

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4 minutes ago, TheSlyGCooper said:


Damn, isn't that like half of the time commitment? I might just take you up on that offer.

your are welcome anytime and i always prepare myself to help friends in future which i am doing the same for elden ring

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I've not played dark souls on PS3 but from my experience of playing a lot of PS3 games recently, the framerate will be pretty bad on it and on a game like dark souls, that can cost you.


The first game is the best i think but i played the remaster on PS4 which was really good, i can imagine the PS3 one being harder but if you want to platinum it and show off go for it, let me know how it goes if you do.

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21 hours ago, TheSlyGCooper said:

Hey guys, I've really wanted to Plat every 'Soulsborne' game including every platform and I'm thinking about doing this one at some point. Is it still enjoyable and worth it to do? 

Is this version worth it? Absolutely, yes.

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On 3/6/2022 at 7:33 PM, Trophy-QTR said:

it is worth it for me 

if you want i can drop you all unique and different upgraded weapons for faster plat 

I know this chat is over 2 years old but can you help me with the unique weapons if thats at all possible. 


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