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Can’t connect to server after patch 1.07


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I‘m actually shocked, that the game is literally unplayable without an internet connection. ? i mean, mainpart of the game is offline and here loading takes forever and you can inly play custom races. Quite disappointing


ps: and did i mention, that i can choose only out of 13 cars in offline mode? 

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It has been 10 hours now for maintenance and some important credits grinding tracks rewards cut into half, not updated for selling cars, did not answer what stupid 3 legend cars for trophy on Tweeter. 


I am feeling quite bad now how the legend racing game is getting worse. I will probably purchase XSX for Forza Horizon 5. Gran Turismo series is not interested any more to me. 

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The entire game is actually an online game. The single player mode is comparable with a call of duty game where you play online with bots. The only reason why they force players to play online is to ensure no one will find a money glitch or makes too fast ptogress on earning credits. That's the reason why you cannot sell cars, you cannot create different save profiles and you cannot even create a new game. They also lowered the rewards for many races with today's patch so that people will finally go to the microtransaction section and spend some more real money. The core game is awesome but the mechanics that are used in this game can be compared with a free 2 play mobile game. It's a shame that they runied a great game like this just to grab more and more money.

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