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why i cant play MOH multiplayer


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I don't think the game was ever really that popular, so I imagine almost 12 years after release there isn't anyone trying to play. If you're trying to get trophies, your best bet is to either set up or join a Gaming Session.




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This game is still pretty popular and for some strange reason always has been. There was a problem for a long time though, where you could not play online from other regions than the US region. The players you are seeing are most likely in the US. The problem was never really fixed, it just went away for a pretty long time. Maybe that problem is back now, which prevents you from connecting.


What you could try is join friends from the USA once they are connected. The game has a "join friend" option. Or try to connect via a US server using a VPN. You will experience some lag though and the people still playing are pro's at the game, which means ranking up will be a challenge. Getting the Quartermaster and Fire Controller trophies will prove especially challenging I'm afraid.

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Are you using the server browser and selecting a server with multiple people in it?
And is it a DLC server or not? => Only relevant if you don't have the DLC. If the next map of a server is a DLC map everyone without the DLC gets kicked to another (or even empty?) session/server.


When I finished the online in october 2019 there were always 1-2 servers with people playing.
Not always EU servers but apart from a bit more lag that wasn't too much of a problem to play on a different region.
I also remember the need to get used to the game and build up some skill. The people playing are extremely skilled and in the beginning I was already happy with 1-2 kills a game. Later on I could get 10-15 kills if I had a good game and wasn't working on sniper kills.



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On 25-3-2022 at 6:11 AM, amolah said:

i have usa game region and my ps3 EU region is this the problem?

It's no problem to play the US version of the game on a PS3 from EU.

But it might be a problem to get the DLC if your PSN account is not from US if you want to get the DLC. DLC needs to be bought with an account that has the same region as the region of the game you have. So in your case you would need an US account to buy the DLC. DLC is not necessary but it might help if you plan to boost.

I also notice that your PSN account is from Saudi Arabia and I know some games are banned over there. It's technically possible that the servers check the country of your PSN account and don't allow you on the servers if the game is banned in your country.

I could find that the game is banned in Pakistan (see link) but I couldn't find anything about Saudi Arabia. It might be worth looking into that apart from the questions in my previous post.


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