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Platinum and 100% in 2022

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Hey there everyone.


I was looking at this game for a very long time and never had time to play it with friends.I would like to start it at one day and do 100%.

I have one friend that would play with me from the very beginning. We are not some pros, but we are decent at PvE coop games and we like to 100% them. 


So all in all, how hard is doing 100% in this game in 2022 and can we do everything in 2 or it's much easier to get 4 players? 

Is everything still achievable without a problem? 


Also, which version is best to buy today to have all dlcs? Ultimate or the Arrogance Lost Collection is enough? 


Thank you for your help ;) 



I asked the same question in V2 forums, because I'm interested in both of them.

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My friend and I started playing this at the end of January and were in the same boat as you. I figured we'd get half the trophies and move on. We currently are 3 trophies away from the platinum and 100%. The loot system is terrible but luckily they have daily quests for different loot and you can get red items and orange trinkets. There's a DLC level (Reikwald Forest) you can cheese to farm levels and random loot that breaks down into currency that can upgrade weapons and change stats.


My friend and I play daily and can reliably finish all the Nightmare levels with bots. Yes, they're terrible but you can outfit them with good gear and trinkets. We've also been able to beat 2 Cataclysm levels by ourselves. We met someone who has recently gotten 100% and he's helping us with the rest of Cataclysm. We're 7/13 currently plus we still need gold on Town Meeting (horde mode).


We're always looking for a 3rd and/or 4th. Add me and we can help you get started and get what you're looking for. Aside from all it's flaws, it's a really fun game.


On 7/4/2022 at 1:24 AM, Zbir_Vladimir said:

I was looking at those games for some time too.


Arrogance Lost Collection doesnt seem to be enough as it doesnt list "Death On The Reik" DLC and was published before it's release.

So I'd go with Ultimate Edition instead, it was even 90% off recently (which I missed).


Ultimate edition is the way to go. It was on sale for $5 recently and I'm sure it'll be again soon.

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On 4.7.2022 at 1:31 PM, IAmNotXJ9 said:

4 player is pretty much mandatory on this game the AI is flat out awful.

Yo, so not true. Everything is perfectly doable with the bots, although it is definitely easier with a team. I just got the 100% on my other account in under 5 days while playing the whole thing solo. So only bots as my aid.


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Hello, i got all the hard trophies and i only need the farming, we completed everything as 3 players, even the whole campaign in nightmare, 5 misions of cataclysm (for the others in cataclysm we had someone else playing with us because we really couldn't with the bot) and the town meetings we did as well with 3 players, so you can really do 90% of the things as 3 players of less.


I don't really think you need 4 players, but the thing you have to do for sure is to search the best strategies for each mission, the 4th player i had for a few cataclysm missions showed us the strategies and we managed to complete almost all as 3 players and he did all alone, even cataclysm, so if you search best weapons & trinkets & strategies for each mission you can plat this in 2022 even if there is no glitches anymore.


Luckily there is a dlc mission with a skip that you can finish in 2 mins in different difficulties to farm weapons and trinkets, i got my first trophy in june 2023, and already finished the hardest stuff. This game requires patience and time, i have probably 200h already in the game and i still need 50-75h more of farming to the 100%. Really worth to plat this, i hope my comment helped??



(Sorry for my bad english i'm spanish)

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I agree and disagree with most of the comments here.  This game's difficulty is almost entirely based on your skill level in the game.  For me personally, the game itself is easy to play but quite hard to be great at.  I'd rate myself as a slightly above average player and I've been able to do everything solo except a few levels on nightmare.  Wheat and Chaff in particular, I just couldn't keep the bots alive with the constant special spawns.

Now that I'm up to cataclysm, I can't get through a single level on my own.  The bots just don't seem to hold up anywhere near the same as they do on nightmare and are quite often dead by the first horde.

Warped - I reckon you're the guy that the current boosting chat has been talking about.  From what I've heard, you're rated at master / top gun / best of the best at this game.  I think that maybe for you, the game seems a bit easier than a 10/10 rating but I honestly think for most average players, especially trophy hunters (lets face it, we don't pump 1000 hours into games, we do the bare minimum to get through the game and then move on), I'd say the game is easily a 9/10.

The main positive of the game for me is that it's actually really fun.  Especially if you've got a half decent team.  I don't mind dying on a level attempt with others.  Team work and coordination makes getting through the level so much more rewarding.

The main negative of this game for me is that almost no one in the Oceania time zone plays it.  Makes it really hard to link up with others and get stuff done.  I've been pretty lucky so far and managed to play with a few Americans and English people who don't sleep.  They've helped me heaps.  Without the tips and tricks they've passed on, I probably would've scrapped the game and left it sit at around 50% completion.

The loot system sucks.  I've been grinding the forest and have over 60 hours in the game now.  I've got quite a lot of orange gear for each character but haven't managed to pop a single red.  Been waiting for one to pop up as a quest but haven't seen one yet.

If anyone in Australia, or plays in that time zone, is keen to get the game done, shoot me a message and I'll add you to the group.  Would love to get the 100% for this one.

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Iook for How hard is  the Platinum  and 100% difficulty I would say


Yes you can do everything and get everything done with just 2 player it's possible but required to be a pro and master the game to make it happen that means a lot of time grind gear weapon trinkets etc plus a lot of practice too lol

So 3 player  is more than enough to achieve 100% without that much of  problems if they are know what there doing !!!

Okay last thing to say is noooo bot in this game are not  useless or very bad to be honest  the bad gear and build you have equip on them is the  problem 
have a good gear weapon trinkets and things  going to change and you will see a difference 

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