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Deathverse: Let It Die

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I ran across an article for this game today and decided to check it out.  Not for sure what we have here, it looks like an open world - battle royale type fortnite game, focusing more on brutality and gore rather than a cartoony art style.  Other than that I don't know about a Campaign mode, in fact I don't know much at all, except the girl with the golden hand made me think of the Hunger Games woman and it looks somewhat interesting.


Anyone have any thoughts on this game, or have you been hearing about this, know anything, have tested the beta maybe????


IGN Gameplay


Playstation Trailer

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I played the Beta, it was super clucky sadly. It's not open world it's a simple BR with 12 or 10, can't remember, players and the last one standing as always wins. It can't have a camaping, i mean i would be surprised, how can a battle royale have one? If by Open you mean like Aphex and so on, not even the Arena are bascially 8 Parts that get blocked during the game there isn't really big areas to run around, and you don't loot anything, you only find healing or buffing stuff around, the weapon you choose to get into the game with is the one you are "stuck" on.


Anyway it doesn't have anything from the Original Let It Die aside the title just for the sake of it.


And i say this with sadness and 2500 hours in the original Let It Die, i really hoped it was more.....

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I tried the beta a few weeks/months? ago.
I played the heck out of the first one just titled 'Let it Die', put in over 1000hours. But the new game 'Deathverse: Let it Die' is completely different. As far as I've heard and seen, it's a battle royale arena gameplay, where you play against 15 other players. I think it's a PvP only game whereas the first game had PvE gameplay as well.
Basically you are in your hub where you can upgrade your weapons, buy armor and wait until the next round starts. You can also buy skins and what seemed to be pay-to-win type of items with $$$. When 16 people are found, the arena fight starts. Last man standing is the winner.
The fighting felt similar to the first game. You have normal and heavy attacks, gore/special attacks depending on your weapon, you can do dropkicks etc. Only difference is it's PvP.

I personally don't like the change from PvE+PvP to PvP only, especially since the PvE part in the first game was the main gameplay and PvP was just passive.
Why they changed the gameplay completely is beyond me. It doesn't even feel like the same game series. Deathverse felt more like a spin-off than a sequel, and I hope it really is only a spin-off and the true sequel is still coming someday.

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Basic breakdown, F2P, Let It Die weapons/art style/gore/combat/mushrooms, Darwin Project hex map style forcing everyone together eventually, Hunters Arena level up style by killing players and cryptids.  You can find a handful of powers in breakables to aid in battle but rely mostly on your starting weapon of choice and mid match an AI hunter is released into the arena that will seek and destroy.  I loved every minute of the beta and am anxiously awaiting the release......until then, rumbleverse comes out this week xD

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