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Square Enix continues to evaluate launch Final Fantasy Type-0 in Europe


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Square Enix still not close the door to the distribution in Western markets Final Fantasy Type-0, PSP game debuted in Japan in 2011. Since then, the company has hinted sometimes appeared in Europe and America and has even speculated launch directly into PS Vita


Now, Phil Rogers, executive director of the Western Division of the company, it has become possible to deliver on the appearance of the game in our territory in direct response to some fans.


"I've seen your Facebook page and your request clearly hear," said the executive. "not It is a question that can be answered quickly, but we are looking at and I will give news when I can."


Yes, Rogers warns "do not want to create expectations for the location of games released a while ago is sometimes not possible when the team is already working on other projects."

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I'll only be excited for this if they announce it as a Vita title. The PSP is outdated at this point, and I personally don't want to spend the time to play it, unless it has trophies. I have entirely too many games on my backlog already, and playing for no trophies will feel like a waste of time.

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