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How big game worlds should get this gen?


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This year and next year we are going to start getting the big next-gen RPGs and sandbox games for our new generation, games like the Witcher 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Second Son, The Crew and hopefully Fallout 4.

Just wondering with the more powerful hardware how big these worlds could get or should get, while in the same time having a lot of depth and detail.

Which would ye prefer? Massive open worlds or smaller ones but with more detail?

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for games such as fallout and TES i would love to see a 100-150 KM squared world. and one feature i'd love to see in MMO's is online trading. just a small plaza, that is online connected (like in fallout if you need something for quests you can just trade it) 


games like gta i think 30-50 KM squared would be great. tbh i was hoping for gta V a city as big as gta iv's (maybe just a little bit bigger) and a forest , rdr style of about 30 to 40 km squared.

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I'd keep them about the same. Add more details. Games that are too open are kind of intimidating and usually turn out to be grindy or repetitive. 

Pretty much this. I believe a world as big as the one in RDR is good enough.

I don't care about how big the rold is, but how diverse they can make it. Nobody wants to walk 15 min just to get to the other corner of the map.

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