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What shall I get - PC or Laptop?


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A pc is allot better for gaming and stuff like that i suggest getting a PC but if your not gonna game which im pretty sure you are get a Mac because there good for people who dont play games and they don't get viruses allot like PC's do they usally never but Pc is good as i said for gaming but i got a gaming Laptop which is pretty good  :yay:

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If you are still looking for an answer, or maybe you are browsing through possible PCs/Laptops, hit me up, I've been studying Informatics for quite some time and I'm pretty knowledgeable around them.


My biggest advice thou, if it's sheer gaming you seek - find a store that makes PCs out of single components.

It's cheaper, since they don't put un-necessary super duper operating systems, programs or anti-viruses like all the big companies do.

It also saves you a lot of money, which you can then spend on upgrading your graphic card and preferably a 128GB+ SSD.


You can just download an operating system from torrents, it's no secret that a huge chunk of people does it ^.^

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