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My Rage Thread!


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Seriously does it annoy anyone else when playing TDM in this (or any other relevant game) when you're consistently getting half (or more) of your teams kills and the rest of your team is like "Hey lets let this guy do it all" and the 3-7 of them can't even match your total?!


My apologees for this

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No not really, not everyone has the time or patience to become good at a certain game. Just let people enjoy their games man and hey its a dirty job but someone's gotta do it bro. Where else would your team be without you? ;)

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One of the rarer trophies is to get 30 "platinum awards" which are listed on the rockstar social club site and give you RP. Two that i singled out as being easier were the DM wins


Aah I see thank you. Man these online trophies seem even worse than GTA4, sounds like a lot of work!

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