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[TEXT/VIDEO] Platinum / Collectible Walkthrough


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Optinooby doing The Lord's work as always.


My personal recommendation is to go for the two playthroughs outlined here. I went for three (normal plasma only, NG+ clean up, impossible) and I ended up using the plasma cutter for 90% of my impossible playthrough anyway. I was also pretty burnt out by that point too.

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3 hours ago, Platisfaction said:

Awesome job as always! But why is this a forum post and not a guide? Are you tired of winning goty-awards? 1f605.png


Exactly, gotta be a good sport and let others have a chance xD.


In all honesty though mate, its just much easier to do this, i dont have the time to make every guide into a proper site guide. I'd like to, but just dont have the time.


Though i will be making a site Witcher 3 guide so hopefully that will make up for it ;)

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