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How Achievable is the Platinum? (F2P)


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Yeah the Party Animal trophy will probably end up being one of the harder ones to get normally. Seems no one is doing it anymore. To top off no one doing it I had problems joining any group as most of the time either I was denied the group or it just sat and spun to join. I would imagine it will have to be boosted with "friends"

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I am amazed by people defending this game. Even by Infinity Plus 2/505 Games standards it is pretty horrible. I felt like I was back in 2012 playing some shitty game on Facebook with all the limiting timers(24 hours to open a chest ffs). And of course it has alternate currencies out of the wazoo. And last but not least as a Match 3 RPG it is pretty mediocre. It being F2P is not a point in it's favour. Free shit it's still shit. 



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I think at this moment, the Platinum is quiet easy to achieve, even as a true free2play player. I am 2 months in and the last 2 trophies I miss, are the 100 Dragons (some less then 20 missing) and the L50 Gear. 

Dragons will come naturally, leaves just the Gear. Being patient is the key. Don‘t rush, just enjoy. Finish Story with one class, get a good Basic Gear Setup, start second class, continue on improving the Gear and so on.


Doing Adventures, buying the mystery Glyph every week for 30k Gold and if you can afford what ever Glyph you prefer for Diamonds. I recommend to go for only 1 type. I myself am focusing on Armor. 

After that, just play and hope for relics. Or if you can, then use Eveline for exchange. 

I guess I will need 2 - 3 months to get my first (and only) L50. But until then, I‘am going to enjoy the game. Having an full epic Night-Set with 2 Legendarys cheeses any new class I am gonna start for more diamonds.


About the game itself.. I think, it‘s not a good puzzle quest, but as a kill some time puzzler it‘s somehow ok. I have my good time with it. Still prefer Legend Returns on Switch, which is a full 💯 in my Gamescore. 



6 Days later.. ok.. maybe it‘s even easier than I thought. After I found out how to get glyphs and relics I am more than half way through.


9/16 glyphs 2,5/4 relics

If this streak continues, I‘ll get it done in 2 - 3 weeks 😆

Edit 2:

Another 10 days later.. just 2 more glyphs to go. 

Should get them, by the end of the week, maybe a few days for 1 Shop reset more. 



Round 200 hours in 2 months and 1 week. Double Platinum. 

Personal difficulty 0,5/10

I am out 😉


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