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The Let's Play Thread


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Do you make Let's Play videos? Do you enjoy watching Let's Play videos? Well, here is the place to post them, and talk about them!

I've seen quite a few LPs, one of my favourites has to be ProtonJonSA's LP of the infamous Superman 64, he's wonderfully thorough in showing all the pretty ridiculous and funny glitches that can occur in the game, and he's not even using savestates, the poor, beleaguered man.

I've made a couple of Let's Play videos, although I refer to my own series as "Let's Not Bother Playing" most recently my LP of Spyro the Dragon, which will be posted every two days starting today, hopefully, and before that my LP of Super Meat Boy which I've taken a break from to preserve my own sanity.

I hope that conny and Ian will make good use of this thread, given that I know they do LP videos. :D

Here's my first Spyro the Dragon vid:

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I personally don't make Let's Play videos, or any gaming videos in general (although I've always wanted to :P) but I still love watching them from these guys in particular:


SeaNanners: His Minecraft videos are hilarious! He also does some CoD multiplayer stuff if you're into that.


Skorch82: His inFamous Let's Play is really well done. He does a great job with live commentary and his videos are entertaining, while also showing you the game.


BlueXephos (The Yogscast): These guys are by far my favorite guys on the internet. Their Minecraft videos are so entertaining and funny that I literally watched 20 episodes with 20 minutes worth of gameplay each in ONE day. Seriously, if you decide to not care for Skorch or Nanners, at least watch some of these guys' videos. They're by the far the most entertaining guys on YouTube.

Also, if you love to watch these Let's Plays, or you like to make them, I'd consider going to this site: http://www.gameanyone.com/ It's a site that is completely devoted for people who make video walkthroughs of games to post them here. Another guy worth mentioning from that site is TehNevs, so check him out! :D

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Hey this thread is 4 years old blah-blah-0006.gif but I want to do 2 things. 1. Show that the search function actually works :P and 2. Promote my favourite let's play of all time :). What starts off as a throwaway review of a crappy wrestling game for the Ouya turned into a year long tale of hope, betrayal, revenge, love and stomps. It scales across 5 different games and concludes in WWE 2k14 where SGF used the story editor of the game to create one of the most epic stories ever told. It brings in characters from all of his other LPs which encourages you to watch the rest of them so you can be more caught up for this one (but not necessary). I know it is quite a long undertaking but it really is worth it. I dare say the final story is one of the best I have ever seen in gaming.


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