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I have done everything required for the AWP trophy to unlock, but it didn't. I've been playing this week and had zero problems with the team modes trophy unlocking, the 20 races won or after finally reaching level 10 with the bdbii sniper method. I've replayed all the boat races, chopper races and street races just in hopes that I had missed one but still nothing. Has anyone else who has got this trophy had any trouble getting it to unlock??

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2 minutes ago, EternalChaos72 said:

That’s odd, I unlocked this trophy without any bother years ago although I had a checklist, and once I completed something I checked it off.

I used a checklist too, did the team matches in one go with the same people on local connections and all the races with a second ps3. Still didn't pop 

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When I did it I used the checklist from the guide here but not only checked off when I finished something but also noted my money, as the guide suggests. When it didn't increase it wasn't done and I replayed it. That only happened once though but it would've been a nightmare to find the one thing that didn't count otherwise (side note: I did everything related to AWP with PS3s in the same network).


In the end the trophy popped at first try, without doing it in one sitting.

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