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FUT World Cup Update


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Hi all,

The World Cup update for Fifa Ultimate Team is now live and I was wondering what everyone thought about the new addition?

If people are wondering what the mode is all about, check out this video for gameplay and explanation of the mode: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nfSMduBAtMw

I personally think the mode could do with some tweaks for example a transfer market and the ability to make coins from packs... But I'm sure these changes may be made at a later date.

Let me know what you think of the mode,








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It is a fun mode, made me play UT again after a 3 month break.


The mode is very bare bones, they could have done a lot more in my opinion.


Cant even see your top scorer, you have to look through your team.


Won the World Cup over the weekend and i was surprised i got 30K coins & 3 gold packs.

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The only frustration part is getting 1 free players after each game. At-least they could of made it 3-5, but it's just another way for EA to get money by spending points on packs.


Apart from that it's a great addition to the game and made me wanna play FIFA more now.

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