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PS4 Disc Troubles


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My PS4 has shown problems with inserting discs.

Yesterday it worked perfectly to insert and reject a disc, but today it ceased to function completely.

I've installed all updates and rebooted the database in safe model as countermeasure but they don't work.

However I can't insert any disc. It doesn't make any effort to accept any disc.

I can be mistaken but it's like the my console is in "disc reject mode". When I look into my disc tray thingie, I see two little gray/white pillars preventing the disc to be inserted. I assume that these things push the disc out whenever required. However this is just a guess.

Anyone an idea to fix?

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I had the same problem and I saw this tip in a video that helped me.

Close your ps4 and unplug and when you turn it back on normally you got the small blue light on the front of the ps4 that blink.

While it,s blinking try to insert the disc, mine have accepted it all the time.

Hope its help.

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I also had this problem come back after the update, I suggest pulling the plug out and leaving it for a couple minutes. If that doesn't work, try reinstalling the software update or rebuilding the database, do this by holding the power button down until you hear 2 beeps and then pick what you want!

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I have had this problem on and off for a few months last year before it started to get quite bad. I know in Australia if you return it to where you bought it they will exchange it providing it was within a year.

I found that by buying a stand and having it vertical the problems have vanished and been working fine for months now

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