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Twitter not showing trophies I earned

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For the past 2 days, every time I sync my trophies on here, it doesn't show up on my twitter account. I unlinked my account and linked it again, but still the same issues. I see it works for other people on twitter, but it hasn't worked for me for 2 days now. Any suggestions to fix this problem?

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He means PSN, not PSNP.

Just make sure your password and username is correct on your console. I never used Twitter, but if it can block applications, check it.


It sounds like he definitely means PSNP to me, we have that functionality here. I think PSN has that functionality only on Facebook, but not Twitter if I'm remembering right.

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8 hours ago, QuentinCle95 said:

I don't check my twitter much, but I noticed that every day or so, it's tweeting my trophies. I imagine that's kind of annoying for followers. How do I disable this functionality? 


You'll need to go to the main website, click your name on the top-right, select "settings", then you'll find your Twitter linking setting on the bottom-right. ;) 

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